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Thanks for visiting my site. I'm C'na, a super cool Lifestyle + Wedding Photographer based in Houston, TX + lover of shoe shopping, spending family time, Chipotle, chewy candies like Mamba's + Starburst, manicures + pedicures, Converse, traveling and all things LOVE! Mosey around my site and hopefully one day soon I will be taking your photo too.


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My philosophy is simple. To create vivid, innovate and creative photojournalism in a fun and relaxed way.  I don't want you to just have images that live on your computer forever, I want you to frame them and have them in your home for years to come.


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$150 & Up

Let's make magic together. I like to think that my approach to shooting photography is...Vivid. Fun. Contemporary. Innovative. Natural. Captivating. Modern. Edgy. Sleek. Romantic. Sharp. Classic. Relaxed. Trendy. Imaginative. Colorful.

Now mix that all together and you have me! I enjoy capturing the atmosphere of each occasion with a fresh and relaxed approach. And I am not afraid to bust out in song or dance especially if 90's music is on.

Please email me at info@cnaroberts.com for in depth details on pricing, how booking works and the print + products offered.  

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This is the first step to a amazing relationship. If you are a blogger looking to brand yourself or recently engaged to be married and are on the hunt for a photographer for your wedding day, let me know and I would love to meet up, grab a drink, and talk photo with you:)

Email: info@cnaroberts.com
Phone: 281.858.3308
* Available to travel world wide.

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